AOT Fall Exhibit Approaches September 13 - October 22, 2016

The Artists of Texas will exhibit this fall in Breckenridge, Texas. The Breckenridge Fine Arts Center has been a source of community pride since 1985 for the city of Breckenridge and its surrounding areas. The Center is committed to furthering the arts and the artistic environment through education and in providing high quality exhibitions for the public. It offers a 3600 sf Main Gallery and a 2500 st East Gallery.

The opening reception will be held September 17, 2016, from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm where the public can view 97 pieces of fine art created by the Artists of Texas. We hope to see you there.

"Open Spaces"

September 13 - October 22 2016

Opening Reception September 17, 6 - 8 pm

Breckenridge Fine Arts Center

207 N. Breckenridge Ave.

Breckenridge, TX


Suzan Casey

Suzan Madison Casey discovered her love for photography as she and her husband, Scott, of 46 years hiked the mountains and riverbeds of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Texas. Each bend in the trail lead to another wide-eyed view of nature from flower blossoms, butterflies to a variety of birds and an abundance of wildlife. Atop the mountains and through the valleys, life unfolded the splendor of God's creation. Her love for photography began those many years ago.

Back home in West Texas, nestled on her porch swing, Suzan is surrounded by flowerbeds filled with spring, summer and fall blossoms. The beds overflow into the water garden brimming with aquatic life. From the brilliant Oriole to the tiny Cabbage White butterfly, abundance of wildlife comes to enjoy this peaceful environment. These amazing views have captivated her heart as she captures them one shutter click at a time.

Enjoying the cowboy lifestyle with her husband has added numerous hours to her photography adventures. The photo shoots with Scott and his horse Alice have spread across an array of venues. From pasture lands to arenas, it is the free spirit of the open range that draws her attention and keenness for each photo art she creates through her lens.

Suzan shares her love, joy, and passion for God's creations in every piece of her photo art. From her heart to yours, may you feel the grace and magnificence of her photography as she shares her treasures with you.


Denise Bossarte

Photography is a way to capture the moments when I connect intimately with the beauty in the world: natural beauty, man-made beauty, and the convergence of the two. 

My training is in an Eastern contemplative arts tradition that emphasizes experiencing the world in a direct and non-judgmental way. 

It requires a quiet, open mind to see what is there to be found in that instant. 

From this view, the images are presenting themselves and my art is fashioned by engaging with them. 

A strong photograph is one that captures a moment in such a way it transmits the experience to the viewer. 

My passion is doing photography along the coast of Texas where the mix of man and nature, of land, sea, and air, construct images that are figurative, impressionistic, and even abstract.


Denise Bossarte
Found Worlds Photography
Artist of Texas Signature Member

Kristine Byars Artists of Texas Equine Art

Kristine Byars uses vivid color to create paintings that are often playful, and yet evoke warm emotions. One consistent theme in her art is a great love of nature and all creatures. Horses hold a particularly special place in Kris' heart, and when not painting she can often be found with her quarter horse, Sparky.  Kris lives a life surrounded by nature in Texas with her husband Steve, cat, golden retriever, and Sparky.     

Randall Cogburn

Evening Hours, 24 x 24 Oil on Canvas


Impressions are what I like to paint, they can be simple or complex. I'm an oil painter who lives near Houston/Galveston area and I paint a seascapes and related oil paintings, as well as landscape, still life and portrait. I do teach plein air painting twice a year and frequently go on location to paint. To learn more about my paintings and where to buy visit

Carolyn Hancock

I love painting people, getting just the right expression in their eyes, leaving a little mystery, telling a story. I paint with unexpected color combinations that visually blend to believability, creating beautiful skin tones. Pastel is my first and only medium. With its range of subtle lights and intense darks, I can achieve a transparent glowing luminosity or thick impasto.


Eagle Dance FAV15% December 2014 BoldBrush Painting competition 


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Home/Studio: 832-363-1152   Richmond TX
All images copyright 2015  Carolyn Hancock

Niki Gulley

"Ruby Smiles" ©2015 Niki Gulley

10" x 16" textured oil painting

I painted these cheerful poppies with extremely thick oil paint and palette knives to achieve depth and texture. The resulting image comes to life and is loaded with uplifting color, energy and movement.


To see more of Niki Gulley's textured floral paintings, please check out,


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